5 tips for using duck rope

When you hear the word “putty,” does that bouncy, shapable toy you were always told not to get stuck on the floor come to mind? Hopefully, by the time you are finished reading you’ll have a different perspective of this word. Rope caulk is a putty substance that is less of a mess and more of an advantage around the house. When installed in the right places and at the most opportune time, caulk can relieve the stress on your home’s energy consumption and your energy bills.

Why use it?

Balances home temperature

Have you ever felt like the temperature in your house was more extreme than it was outside? That’s a surefire sign that there might be air leaks throughout your home. Translation? When you turn up the AC or heater, all of that air is blowing out while the outside air is on its way in, causing three obvious problems:

  1. Defeats the purpose of the AC and heater
  2. Causes you unnecessary discomfort in your own home
  3. Raises your energy bill for every increase/decrease of degrees you change the AC or heater

You can easily (and cleanly) solve these problems by sealing air leaks with rope caulk.

Keeps out critters

Summer brings warm weather and longer days, but it’s also the season for bugs to come out and play. If (like me) you prefer for critters to play outside of your home, you should close up all potential areas of entry with caulk.

Great for renters (it’s a nonpermanent change)

For those of you living in a rental property and/or don’t want to make any long-term changes to your house, rope caulk is a non-permanent solution to insulating your home. Even better, the installation is easy, the removal is clean, and the caulk is durable. It comes in a gray or brown color.

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