How To Use Your Gun Cleaning Kit

You just bought your new gun cleaning kit, so now what? The first thing you’re going to want to do if you’re new is to watch a few YouTube videos and read the instructions.
Each gun is a bit different when it comes to cleaning, so you want to read and re-read the owner’s manual for your particular gun.
We’ll go over the basics of using a universal gun cleaning kit if you own a rifle, handgun or shotgun this is what you’ll want to use.
AR’s can be a little different to clean and usually require special tools such as an AR cleaning tool.
Cleaning New Guns?

One time I bought a new M4 and didn’t clean it before taking it to the range. Wiped off the grease on the exterior and after about 50 rounds I had a brass over bolt failure…
Almost all new guns come with a bunch of grease and sticky solvent on them. This is to make sure they don’t rust while sitting on the shelf for months or years.
This lubricant they put on it is not a shooting lubricant, so you want to remove it and clean your new gun as well as possible.
You should always do this because you don’t know how it works until you take it apart.
You should ALWAYS inspect a new gun before firing it, looking for worn components, broken or little pieces of sawdust and what not in the gun.
I got issued a brand new, out of the package M4 right before shooting the range and skipped cleaning, just wiped the crap off the outside. Had a brass over bolt failure on round 76.
Wash your Hands (or Wear Gloves)

Be sure to wash your hand before doing anything. This will help prevent oils from getting onto the outer and inner parts of your gun. Most people, including myself, wear gloves when cleaning their guns to prevent oil absorbing into the skin.
If you’re cleaning your guns for years, then the risk of getting some of these solvent into your skin will not be very good for. The disposable black nitrile gloves are my personal favorite and a favorite among many.
Unload your Gun
Make sure the ammo i

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