• 5 tips for using duck rope

    5 tips for using duck rope
    When you hear the word “putty,” does that bouncy, shapable toy you were always told not to get stuck on the floor come to mind? Hopefully, by the time you are finished reading you’ll have a different perspective of this word. Rope caulk is a putty substance that is less of a mess and more of an advantage around the house. When installed in the right places and at the most opportune time, caulk can relieve the stress on your home’s energy consumption and your energy bills. Why use it? Balances home temperature Have you ever felt like...
  • Why wear headphones when shooting

    Why wear headphones when shooting
    Don't Let Gun Sports Backfire on You: Use Ear Protection and Hang Onto Your HearingShawn Dulohery, a national- and world-champion skeet shooter and 2004 Olympic team member in the skeet event, would never fire a gun without them. Likewise, Dave Henderson, a nationally recognized outdoor sports writer and hunting expert, wouldn't dream of venturing into the woods without his. These two highly skilled shooters ardently support the wearing of ear protection such as earplugs or earmuffs when firing a rifle, shotgun, or other firearm used in hunting and sport shooting."Wearing ear protection is extremely important, not...
  • How To Use Your Gun Cleaning Kit

    How To Use Your Gun Cleaning Kit
    You just bought your new gun cleaning kit, so now what? The first thing you’re going to want to do if you’re new is to watch a few YouTube videos and read the instructions.Each gun is a bit different when it comes to cleaning, so you want to read and re-read the owner’s manual for your particular gun.We’ll go over the basics of using a universal gun cleaning kit if you own a rifle, handgun or shotgun this is what you’ll want to use.AR’s can be a little different to clean and usually require special tools such as an AR...
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