• Complete Guide to Gun Cleaning

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    Complete Guide to Gun Cleaning
    There are so many different gun cleaning kits and accessories available today, a new gun owner can easily get overwhelmed when purchasing their first kit. Here you will find a complete guide to gun cleaning, including the best commercial kits and the most important pieces you need to include in your gun cleaning kit. We will also discuss how to clean your gun, step by step, to ensure that your gun is safe each time you use it, and you get maximum enjoyment from your new purchase. Best Commercial Gun Cleaning Kits For Sale There are...
  • Choosing Brass or Nylon Jags?

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    Choosing Brass or Nylon Jags?
    If you’re a gun owner, chances are good that you own a cleaning kit. It may not be fancy, just a few old rags and some bore brushes. You may not even be familiar with the term “jag”. That’s the name of the looped bore brush designed to hold a small square fabric patch. They can also be spear-shaped in order to “push” the fabric square through the bore. Jags are used to clean carbon buildup from inside the barrel of rifles, pistols, and shotguns. There are many jags available on the market today. Two of...

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    Imagine you are sitting in your living area with your handgun and decide to clean it. You pick up your best sweeping cloth and be comfortable on the floor with your equipment. Suddenly, you spill some of the greasy oil on your posh wooden floor, and you know it will leave that wet stain! Now what? This is when; you must decide to buy the best handgun cleaning mat of 2021 to avoid such incidents and ensure quality cleaning with lesser risks. Every gun owner knows the importance of cleaning his ammunition repeatedly to ensure smooth...
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