GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Elite

$68.99 USD $99.99

  • 【US Patent Design】Most brass rods on the market are very fragile. Our brass rods have an exclusive patent design, and their hardness is more than 3 times stronger than all rods on the market. The non-breaking and screw in design ensures that the parts are closely connected. The spray gun cleaning rod,serration, patch ring and adapter are made of brass without cheap plastic, you will be surprised at their firmness and durability.
  • 【Full Coverage of Caliber】Cleaning kit basically cover all caliber guns. Use this complete kit to help you clean all guns such as pistols, rifles and shotguns. The shell is firm and will not damage the accessories due to transportation extrusion. The internal layout is reasonable, including 2 spaces for placing cleaning oil and solvent.
  • 【Included】33.5''wire rope with it own handle for cleaning .17-.270 caliber rifles and pistols , 3 rods are suitable for rifles, shotguns and pistols with 0.30 caliber and above, 3 rods are suitable for 12GA -.270CAL caliber(shotgun rifle), 14 threaded bronze hole brushes, all diameters: ✔.17/ 4.39mm/ 5mm ✔.22/ .221/ .224/ 5.7mm ✔.243/ .240/ 6.17mm ✔.270/ 6.8mm/ .280/ 7mm ✔.30/ .300/ 7.62mm/ 7.63mm ✔8mm/ .32/ .325/ .338 ✔.357/ 9mm/ 9.5mm ✔10mm/ .40/ .416 ✔.45/ .455✔ .50✔ .410✔ .5.56✔ 12GA✔ 20GA.
  • 【Package Details】14 threaded bronze hole brushes, 9 threaded cotton mops, 11 brass jags, 4 brass slotted patch loops, 2 empty bottles, 3 0.2''solid brass rods (1 with handle), 3 0.24''solid brass rods (1 with handle), 1 33.5 inch wire rope, 50 cleaning patch, 1 metal gun cleaning pick, 6 double head brushes.
  • 【Worry-free Purchase】 Some accessories are consumables, so we have prepared a variety of accessories in our California warehouse. If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.