The story of "GLORYFIRE®" came about one day when a group of gun enthusiasts were out at the shooting range practicing their skills. Among them was a shooting enthusiast who misfired because the gun had not been cleaned for a long time, and the accumulation of dust and dirt caused it. 
Founder of GLORYFIRE® was also a shooting enthusiast present, witnessing this incident shocked his soul. Founder of GLORYFIRE® knew that proper gun maintenance was essential for the safe and reliable operation of firearms, but he found that the cleaning kits on the market were often of poor quality and did not effectively remove all of the dirt and debris from their guns. Determined to find a better solution, he decided to create his own gun care brand. At this time, GLORYFIRE® was born.
Founder of GLORYFIRE® spent more than a year developing the rods. He tried aluminum, copper, stainless steel and many other materials, and studied the structure of the rods. After continuously studying and breaking more than 600 rods, developed this reinforced and lengthened rod, which is applied for the US PATENT.
 In addition to the gun cleaning kit, GLORYFIRE continues to solve the pain points of users, and develops groundbreaking and well-received tactical and hunting products, such as Shooting Ear Protection, Gun Safe, gun maintenance tools, camouflage heating series, hunting knives, hunting rangefinders, etc. GLORYFIRE® has multiple patents.
GLORYFIRE Mission is to continuously improve the safety and experience of gun enthusiasts. The safety and experience of gun enthusiasts is the responsibility of GLORYFIRE®. The pursuit of excellence never stops. One-Stop Solution, Bringing the best products to gun enthusiasts.
Let us create miracles together! Stay tuned, the story of GLORYFIRE® continues...